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Infrared Sauna Treatment on Long Island

Relaxing, Detoxifying Therapy in Wantagh

An infrared sauna is designed to detoxify and heal the body. Because infrared heat penetrates human tissue versus simply heating the surface of the skin, it is seven times more effective than traditional saunas when it comes to detoxifying the body. The cooler temperature allows you to sweat out the toxins while not getting overheated.

By eliminating the sun’s troublesome, harmful UV rays we provide a safe, restorative sweat session that will leave you rejuvenated. Book your appointment today. Get 30 minutes for only $45. Marjorie Brook, LMT provides an ideal location for you to enjoy the infrared sauna in peace.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same: my commitment to your safety and health. Welcoming, safeguarding, and taking care of others is at the very heart of what I do and who I am. Marjorie Brook offers indoor and outdoor appointments. Marjorie takes your health seriously and has a list of safety protocols that are in place to keep you healthy.

infrared sauna treatment

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Unlike traditional saunas, full-spectrum infrared saunas use special heaters that directly penetrate the body, and the infrared energy augments the body’s healing mechanisms. This results in toxins and pollutants stored in fat cells being dissolved and washed away through natural body functions along with a variety of other benefits. The benefits of an infrared sauna include:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Detoxification
  • Weight loss
  • Alleviates joint pain
  • Removes body toxins
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves skin tone
  • Faster healing
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Reduces stress

Detox from an infrared sauna is 7 to 10 times greater than a conventional sauna. In a conventional sauna, the average person sweats out 3% toxins and 97% water. In an infrared sauna, the average person sweats out 20% toxins and 80% water!

Lower Blood Pressure

Infrared Saunas were used in a clinical study with the University of Missouri Kansas City in 2005 and were shown to lower blood pressure from a 30-minute sauna session three times a week. Repeated infrared treatment improves impaired blood vessel functions in patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. This suggests a preventative role for sauna use for arteriosclerosis.

Weight Loss

An infrared sauna session can burn up to 200-600 calories! As the body works to cool itself while using an infrared sauna, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate. Infrared heat therapy raises core body temperature causing passive cardiovascular conditioning. Your body’s natural response to infrared heat therapy is to increase circulation and sweat. Check out the results with a heart rate monitor and you will be amazed!

Pain Relief

Relieve back, neck, and arthritis pain with infrared sauna heat therapy. Researchers studying HRP (Heat Responsive Pain) have observed remarkable therapeutic benefits by using continuous low-level heat therapy for treating lower back and upper body pain, all conditions that fall under the HRP classification.

Improves Circulation

Heating of muscles with infrared produces an increased blood flow level similar to that seen during exercise. Body temperature elevation also produces an increase in blood flow. Infrared heat assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrate, edema and exudates. The increased peripheral circulation provides the transport needed to help evacuate the edema which can help end inflammation, decrease pain and help speed healing.

Skin Purification

Improve your skin’s appearance with regular use of an infrared sauna. Open wounds heal quicker with reduced scarring. Infrared heat therapy helps acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and any skin lesions or cuts. It also reduces wrinkles, makes skin look radiant, firms and improves skin tone and elasticity. Regular use may also help reduce cellulite trapped beneath the skin, lessen the appearance of scars, and help burns heal significantly.

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infrared sauna treatment long island

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat which is absorbed directly into the human body, unlike traditional saunas which heat the body indirectly via air or steam.

Infrared rays are the healthiest of the sun’s rays, they penetrate into your skin deeply and they dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body. The Infrared Rays vitalize your cells and metabolism.

Unlike traditional saunas which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat. And yet, it is a more efficient experience.

Infrared light, like the ones used in infrared saunas, are capable of causing dramatic changes in body chemistry. In some instances helping restore balance in some people who suffer from chronic problems related to pains, inflammation, low energy and poor circulation. These saunas are comfortable even for people who struggle with pain or who have sensitive skin and stomachs when it comes to heat.

Let an infrared sauna help improve capillary function, revitalize the circulatory system and activate cellular renewal. It also will help boost the body’s metabolic rate, assist in fighting illness and enhance the body’s ability regenerate cells. Marjorie Brook offers infrared sauna treatments as part of her holistic approach to wellness, health and healing the body.


Follow these instructions to make the most of your Infrared Sauna Experience with Area Sweat.

Pre Sweat Session
  • Hydrate with at least 8 oz. of water to prepare their body for an increase in core temp.
  • Time frame of your appointment – Please arrive early in order to set yourself up comfortably. Appointments are set up back to back with a small amount of time in between to clean and prep for the next client.
What to Wear
  • During the session you can keep yourself wrapped in the towels provided, or wear a bathing suit or undergarment.
  • Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended for after your session.
Post Sweat Session
  • You should drink at least 24 oz. of water or electrolyte to rehydrate.
  • Dry off with and then allow your body to cool down naturally.
  • Schedule your next Sweat session.
During Sweat Session
  • You shouldn’t be surprised if you do not sweat during the first few sessions. Sweating will increase with regular use, removing toxins and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Clean towels are provided for every client.
  • Start session when sauna reaches 100°F.
  • Optimal sauna experience occurs between 100° and 130°F.
  • Start slow with 15-30 minute sessions at 100°F every other day.
  • Gradually increase towards 60 minute daily sessions in the optimal temperature range.
  • Always remember you can discontinue the session and exit the sauna at any time.*
  • Please do not eat or drink in the sauna.
  • Please refrain from wearing shoes inside the sauna.
  • Please shut the glass doors gently.
  • Please refrain from applying oils or lotions to your skin prior to entering the sauna.


If any of the below apply to you, consult your physician prior to sauna use:

Cardiovascular Issues, Obesity or Diabetes

Individuals suffering from obesity or with a medical history of heart disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory problems or diabetes should consult a physician prior to use. Heat stress increases cardiac output and blood flow in an effort to transfer internal body heat to the outside environment via the skin (perspiration) and the respiratory system. This takes place primarily due to major changes in the heart rate, which has the potential to increase by thirty (30) beats per minute for each degree increase in core body temperature.


Individuals who are using prescription drugs should seek the advice of their personal physician since some medications may induce drowsiness, while others may affect heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation. Diuretics, barbiturates, and beta-blockers may impair the body’s natural heat loss mechanisms. Anticholinergics such as amitryptiline may inhibit sweating and can predispose individuals to heat rash or to a lesser extent, heatstroke. Some over-the-counter drugs, such as antihistamines, may also cause the body to be more prone to heatstroke.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Contrary to popular belief, it is not advisable to attempt to “sweat out” a hangover. Alcohol intoxication decreases a person’s judgment; therefore, he/she may not realize when the body has a negative reaction to high heat. Alcohol also increases the heart rate, which may be further increased by heat stress. The use of alcohol, drugs or medications prior to a sauna session may lead to unconsciousness.


The ability to maintain core body temperature decreases with age. This is primarily due to circulatory conditions and decreased sweat gland function. The body must be able to activate its natural cooling processes in order to maintain core body temperature. If the elderly, operate at a lower temperature and for no more than 15 minutes at a time.


The core body temperature of children rises much faster than adults. This occurs due to a higher metabolic rate per body mass, limited circulatory adaptation to increased cardiac demands and the inability to regulate body temperature by sweating. When using with a child, operate at a lower temperature and for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

Hemophiliacs / Individuals Prone to Bleeding

The use of infrared saunas should be avoided by anyone who is predisposed to bleeding.

Chronic Conditions / Diseases Associated With Reduced Ability to Sweat or Perspire

Multiple Sclerosis, Central Nervous System Tumors, and Diabetes with Neuropathy are conditions that are associated with impaired sweating. Consult a physician.

Fever & Insensitivity to Heat

Individuals with insensitivity to heat or who have a fever should not use the sauna until the fever subsides.


Pregnant women should consult a physician before using an infrared sauna.


Heating of the low back area of women during the menstrual period may temporarily increase menstrual flow. This should not preclude sauna use.

Joint Injury

Recent (acute) joint injury should not be heated for the first 48 hours or until the swollen symptoms subside. Joints that are chronically hot and swollen may respond poorly to vigorous heating of any kind.


Metal pins, rods, artificial joints or any other surgical implants generally reflect infrared waves and thus are not heated by this system. Nevertheless, you should consult your physician prior to using.

Pacemakers / Defibrillators

The magnets used to assemble our saunas can interrupt the pacing and inhibit the output of pacemakers. Please discuss with your doctor the possible risks this may cause.

In the rare event that you experience pain or discomfort, immediately discontinue sauna use.

*You should listen to your body and be aware of excessive detoxifying. If you begin to feel symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, or flu-like symptoms during their treatment, you should discontinue use immediately. If these symptoms continue, consult a physician.


  • $45 – 30 Minute Sweat – 1 person
  • $60 – 1 hour Sweat – 1 person

Packages – 30 Minutes

  • $125 – for 5 Sweat sessions -$25 value
  • $200 – for 10 Sweat sessions -$20 value

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Sauna sessions are non-refundable and subject to cancellation policy. Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours prior to your appointment time. Any appointments canceled within the 24 hour time will be lost.

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