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Brook Seminars Presents New Scar Tissue Release Therapy Techniques at Seminar in Bristol, RI, February 27, 2009

Long Island, NY, February 27, 2009 — Brook Seminars, continuing education for health and fitness professionals, today announced they will be premiering Marjorie Brooks’ exclusive Scar Tissue Release Therapy techniques at their upcoming seminar at EVOLUTION in Bristol, RI on Saturday, March 21, 2009.
Designed for bodywork professionals and therapists of all levels of experience, the half-day workshop will concentrate on the physiological and anatomical principles of fascia restrictions, lengthening of the superficial to deep fascia, breaking down of adhesions and the increase of lymphatic and venous circulation. The long and short term effects of scar tissue from the physiological to the psychological, neuropathy, and various sports medicine considerations will also be discussed during the seminar. After the lecture, a detailed, six-step approach to manually release scarring and adhesions from the fascia will be presented.

According to Marjorie Brook, President of Brook Seminars, “treating scar tissue is often neglected by health care professionals because the extent of physiological effects scars can have on the body has never really been acknowledged. The slightest restriction through the elaborate matrix of fascia can have major repercussions from one end of the body to the other. Fortunately, to work scar tissue is extraordinarily simple to learn, easy to apply and yields powerful results that can prevent a lifetime of compensation, complications, and pain”.

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